Thursday 22 August 2013

TSOM: Superb Craftworld army + Harlies

Nothing beats a perfectly painted Eldar army! TSOM has been hard at work getting these units together for a much......much...............................much larger Craftworld army that is in the process of being completed. Check it out:

 WIP + finished Warlocks.



 Troupe Masters.

More Spectres.
Harlequin Troupe.

 Harlequin Troupe.

 Death Incarnate.

Truly inspiring...................

We will be uploading more pictures soon. However, in the mean time you can check out their other work at:



  1. That would make for a pretty hilarious list. Dump 10 spirit seers across 3 Harlie invisi-bubbles then shriek shock/charge the hell out of anything that comes close!

  2. Damn, those spectres are amazing, as are the warlocks! (and everything else)

  3. If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of the army as it comes together, let me know (and with the permission of the blog author, i'll post the link).

    1. Go for it mate. I'll be posting up the major waves of models as they come through anyway. Is it your army?

    2. It is indeed, a 17 year labour of love :)

      Still three years off being completed (by that I mean painted). Over the weekend i'll be updating the full force composition and future plans. There are alot of unique additions coming aside from what is currently in the collection.

    3. Only one thing to do then....follow and add you to our blog roll!!

    4. Haha, muchas gracias :) apologies for the delayed reply.


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