Thursday 8 August 2013

Rumour Watch: Space Marine Round up #2.

So much information that we literally needed a second post.

You can check out the previous thread at:

Round 2.....FIGHT!

Via Herr Dexter on DakkaDakka:

I managed to get a deeper look into the upcoming White Dwarf which obviously showcases the new SM stuff. I promised not to take any pictures and since my possible future early insight into WD depends on it - I won't
Take it as you wish, but this isn't salt - this is what exactly is coming

- Codex: Space Marines with a very nice picture of badass looking Space Marine (probably best C:SM cover so far)
- confirmed the 7 limited versions
- none showed in WD, all mentioned obviously as mail-order only
- small Apocalypse Warzone will also be released (unsure if it's digital only or not) - Damnos (see the BL book "Fall of Damnos" - basicly Necrons vs. Ultramarines)


Space Marine Captain & Space Marine Librarian (2 separate clamp-packs)
- not to confuse with multi-part customisable Space Marines Commander set which should stay around
- those are like Cadre Fireblade, Aspiring Champion etc... 1 pose, plastic
- Captain has Cato Sicarius-like helmet and lots of bling, has a very similar pose to Captain from AOBR, Power Sword and Combi-Grav
- Librarian has beard (a lot of SM beards + bald heads in this release ) and a skull-cap thingy wihich makes him look a bit like... Merlin
- Librarian also has a power staff (or whatever you call that) held horizontally, and one ugly herub-like servitor cupid (creepy stuff)

Reclusiam Command Squad
- not sure if this replaces SM Command Squad kit
- contains the mentioned SM Command Squad (don't see any changes here), a plastic Chaplain and... Razorback - all for 55£
- this definetly isn't the prettiest Chaplain model out there but it has some nice bitz, nice big skully Crozius and 2 heads - one bald with Kano-like face implant and the other is a skull helmet (looks a bit iffy)
- he also has purity seals with massive ribbons/parchments blown by the wind

Sternguard Veterans
- A W E S O M E!
- all the best elements fromt heir old metal versions, long loincloths, tons of bling, ornaments on helmets and armor, seems to have lot of bitz
- finally we get plastic versions of combi-weapons, all seem to be here including the new Combi-Grav
- nice new plastic Heavy Flamer and Heavy Bolter (version with drum-mag)
- badass heads and poses (yap, another bald head with beard)
- sergeant has a "roman-mohawk" on his helmet (not the Sicarius one, other way around )
- 5 models in box

Vanguard Veterans
- slightly less bling then their on-foot veteran brothers
- nice ornaments on chainswords and power sword (relic/master-crafted versions?)
- mohawk head for sarge (like Lord Executioner, perhaps it's a trend for jump-packers? )
- some nice aquila markings on jump packs
- awesome power-sword / relic blade
- not as jaw dropping as Sternguards, sadly
- 5 models in box

(NEW) Tactical Squad
- 10 models, price increased slightly (we could have seen that coming, couldn't we? )
- not many changes here, will nicely mix with bits from old kit
- major addition is more head variants and new Grav-Gun and Grav-Pistol
- some new ornaments on backpacks and shoulder pads (not all, just few bits to make some difference among marines)
- interesting bits: Auspex is back! (but DA heralded that already), set of bolter/arms during reload (looks cool), badass Combi-Flamer, nice new (smaller) Power Fist
- I would suggest buying a box of Tactical Squad that's currently in sale before next month (it'll surely be gone by then) to have a wider array of bits (unless you already have tons of them )

Now let's clear some rumors regarding new vehicles:
- NO new rhino kit, still the same, old, badly cast chassis with massive holes after you glue it :((
- NO new versions of Razorback / Predator / Whirlwind - all stays the same apparently
- NO sign of Rhino-variants (but perhaps they just differ rule-wise)
- NO "Big Walker" - forget about Dreadknight / Riptide / Wraithknight counterpart for SM :((
- NO new Skimmers / Flyers (especially no sign of one that was mentioned in rumours recently)
- NO new Bikes, Landriders or Dreadnaughts :(
- basicly, unless I mention it as a kit above or below - it's not getting any update / remake / new model

Stalker / Hunter
- the rumored dual-kit AA tank
- lots of new parts, side armor is massive and has some kind of pistons that seem to be pinning it to the ground
- front plate is also different from other vehicles on Rhino-chassis: Stalker / Hunter has one that looks a bit Heresy-era with a "bumper" that looks similarly to the one Landspeeder has (that belt-of-cubes bumper thing)

- Stalker is the one with dual 3-barrel autocannon-like guns, it also has a nice radar dish, really badass look
- it's described as rapid-firing AA (guess it's SM version of IG Hydra)
- now here's big thing: it's not twin-link! those are TWO SEPARATE guns that are mentioned to be able to shoot at TWO SEPARATE targets 

- Hunter is the one that looks like that vintage SM Hunter tank - one massive AA turret barrel
- shoots "Skyspear Rockets" but no details on special rules here

Centurion Devastator Squad / Centurion Assault Squad
- the "Big Suits" everyone is talking about, apparently they are this release's big spotlight
- Devastators are Heavy Support (duh!) and Assaults are... Fast Attack (what did you expect?)
- come in plastic kits, 3 models per box
- they really look like if the exoskelton is worn ON the Power Armour - their heads look super tiny 
- they remind me more of power loader that Ripley piloted in Aliens movie than "child of contemptor and dread" as someone described
- they all seem to have same weapon in each hand and something mounted on the chest
- the Devastator options displayed contained Lascannons and Heavy Bolters
- the Assault options were Breaching Drills (like that arm FW's Siege Dread has) with Stormbolters(?) attached, no other arm option shown
- the "chest weapon" apparently gave us choice of : frag lanuchers, mini-hurricane bolter (?!) and some rockets (chest mounted Typhoon ML?)
- it will take some time getting used to those models on battlefield but with their bulky simplicity they will surely be canon part of fluff in few years 


Natfka's info:

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The Tactical Squad box comes with 180 components. Full of an array of options, including 3 mk 6 helmets, 1 mk 7 helmet, and a mk 8 errant chestplate. The box makes 10 marines.

The Sternguard box makes 5 sternguard with 108 components. 5 custom bolters, and 8 combi-weapons (were very hard to get until now), power fist and sword.

Vanguard are not left out this month, with a new boxset making 5 Vanguard, each with a different jump pack. There are 4 sets of lightning claws, 4 sets of thunderhammer and stormshields, along with grav pistol, power axe, and relic blade.

Each box has tons of options, from heads to weaponry. Truly a ton of options to customize your new Space Marines. 

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 Centurion Devastator Squad
These guys come with guns mounted into the sides of their chest plates, not to mention that they are carrying even more guns. Under both fists, they can carry Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, or Grav-Cannons. While their chests sports an array of either Hurricane Bolters or Missile Launcher. Whoa.... that is some amazing firepower.

Centurion Devastator Squad
These guys come with Siege Drills on each arm, with either flamer or melta attachments. While this alone would be a tremendous amount of firepower, they too come with chest mounted Hurricane Bolters or Ironclad Assault Launcher. If you were curious which models you need to shoot at first, these qualify with extreme prejudice.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212 The Space Marine Stalker
Comes with a Icarus Stormcannon Array. Both of these turrets can move independently, and can shoot at two targets at once. Both turrets are three barreled guns.

Space Marine Hunter
Fires a Skyspear Missile from a large single barrel.

Both tanks have several side stabilizers and appear to more heavily armoured along the front and sides. (no stats)  


via anonymous sources on Faeit212:
Space Marine Codex
176 pages!!!!! $58
by Robin Cruddace
Cover pic is a close up Ultra Marine pointing forward into battle

War Zone: Damnos
by Phil Kelly
68pages $33

Space Marine Stalker/Hunter
The three barreled Stalker and the Single large barreled Hunter

Space Marine Reclusiam Command Squad
Includes Razorback 5 man command squad and a space marine chaplin

Space Marine Captain
1 model $30

Space Marine Librarian
1 model $30

Space Marine Strikeforce
39 models $220

Space Marine Centurion Devastator/ Assault Squad
3 models $78

Space Marine Tactical Squad
10 models $40

Space Marine Sternguard
5 models $50

Space Marine Vanguard
5 models $40

Natfka himself: "I dont see anything about multiple heads on the librarian yet. There is a an optional head for the captain.


Via Warseer:

"I'm curious how they're going to handle Black Templars, but I don't suppose there's much detail of that in the WD".

I've noticed they have a sergeant with a different name and access to sternguard veterans and all other stuff the SM get. Probably it is limited somehow (no proper scouts?), but it is hard to say.

Centurions are on 40 mm bases, but seem bigger.

All 1st Founding chapters will have something. Black Templars too obviously, but how they will go we will see in a month.

Each 1st founding chapter not covered so far has its section inside the codex. Including timeline. 

I am not sure how they will expand it in the supplements, but right now the book seems loaded with information. Not Index Astartes lenght, but might be quite long.

Interesting, but the armour is not completely sealed so the power armoured model can be seen inside from some angles.

Chapter traits might be important to consider. There are only pieces of information about rules for Imperial Fists and Iron Hands - yes, yes Iron Hands so followers of Ferrus rejoice!

Chaplain only in the bundle, the rest sold separately. Prices are correct - yeah 18 pounds for single, plastic mini with optional head and most likely nothing else.

Vanguards have multiple close combat options (apparently 4 pairs of lightning claws, same with TH and SS)  but Sternguard pack is written to include 8 combi-weapons.

Mind that includes gav-combi bolters, so possibly two of each - combi-melta, combi-flamer, combi-graviton and combi-plasma.

There is also one heavy bolter and one heavy flamer and each has a backpack for the weapon.

Finally there are seargeant weapon options and several optional heads, shoulder pads etc.

All three plastic boxes have numerous pieces useful for several units so buying all three might be sensible. Even if to "update" older tactical, assault and devastator units.

I see nothing suggesting about something new for the Razorback. Seems the same model. 


via Endobai on Warseer:

More info.
There is definetely *more archaic armour pieces* in the Tactical set.

I've noticed Mk VI legs as before and Mk V Heresy chest plates. Maybe even for Mk VI Corvus, but the angle doesn't allow to confirm that.

Looks like there is a Mk IV Maximus helmet and Mk IV legs (!).

One Mk IV bionic helmet (and the rest of the armour seems like Maximus too).
Corvus armour legs and helmet for sure. The chest is as always a problem.

The pissed off Marine with beard head is really great.

Many, many, many combi-weapons. Looks like hv.bolter and heavy flamer are both there.

Interesting, but it seems they've decided to split offensive weapons and combi/ranged options from the veteran finecast set so Vanguards got all close combat options (relic blade, lightning claws, TH and SS, power axe etc).

A nice touch is that Vanguards are shown in Raven Guard colours (except obligatory Ultramarine photos).


Mk IV, Mk VI helmets and legs. The mohawk head looks great.
Centurion. Those are exo-suits much like the Dreadknight so I'd suspect a model with toughness and an armour save.


Again, a lot of information. Hopefully I will get to see the photos soon enough. I will leave it up to everyone to decide what they want to believe etc.

Looking bloody brilliant though! 

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  1. Forgot to say everything in the section on warseer was endobai, not just the second bit

    "Interesting, but the armour is not completely sealed so the power armoured model can be seen inside from some angles."
    this is referring to the centurion armour by the way


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