Thursday 8 August 2013

Craftworld Alstwe

Craftworld Alstwe is the name of my Eldar army.

 A small Craftworld, the smallest known to the Imperium, that regular fights alongside Corsair and Dark Eldar forces, the Craftworld itself was last reported in the Ultima Segmentum near the upstart Tau empire, and it is believed an alliance may have been formed between the two hated xenos.

Well, thats the vague peice of fluff I created for my Eldar. It is based on the fact that I collect Tau, and may one day collect Dark Eldar/ Corsairs, so when I field my Eldar they normally have a small force of allied Tau, so this had to be worked into the fluff.

Anyway, thats all for now, pictures will follow when I have finished my squad of guardians. I currently only have a Farseer and War Walker painted as I am repainting the rest of my Eldar to a higher standard.

Comments or suggestions are greatly apprecieted


  1. I think having it the smallest craftworld is a nice idea. Most Eldar ships (even the battleship sized ones)can travel threw the largest webway-portals. A craftworld with infinity circuit and all able to go threw the portals? That is new. And basically justifies alliances anywhere. They can always be ... Alstwere *Dr. Evil little finger to mouth*

  2. We wanna see pictures of your army Cyphus!

  3. Yep pictures will come soon, as soon as Ive finished painting them. Ill try and get a picture up of the War Walker and Farseer Soon!

    Thanks for the feedback on the fluff. I think Ill incorporate the fact the Craftworld can fit into webway portals. This weould also make it one of the fastest Craftworlds.


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