Saturday 17 August 2013

Black Legion Update!! More rules!! + New Art **UPDATED**

Supplement is out! More info following on from our earlier post by Ruby:

Via DakkaDakka

Warlord Traits
1. Black Crusader
2. Re Rolls in the Chaos rewards table for the Warlord
3. A one use Flamer
4. The warlord gets the special rule It will not die
5. Attacks have a chance of causing Instant Death
6. Nearly units close to the Warlord get the special rule Stubborn.


New weapon:
The Spineshiver blade: 30 points S user ap3 Daemon weapon, quicksilver.

Quicksilver gives +1 initiative in close combat.


Via Cheexsta on Warseer:

There's a new Daemon Sword, slightly cheaper than the Axe of a Blind Fury. Gives a bonus to initiative. Should've always been in the codex, IMHO.

There's an awesome artefact that allows the bearer to fire an unlimited range large blast that scores D3 automatic penetrating hits to any vehicle it touches, usable once per game. Very expensive, though.

A psyker-only artefact increases the bearer's mastery by 1, though it doesn't allow him to generate another power (boo). Instead, it gives him a Nova power that increases range with more Warp 
Charge points.

Oh hey, an artefact that gives Eternal Warrior and Adamanitium Will. Nice. Not cheap, though.


In your primary detachment, you can take Chosen as troops without needing Abaddon. 

All units must take Veterans of Long War. 

If you have Abaddon in your army, you can upgrade one terminator squad into The Bringers of Despair. Each of them cost +6 points but they gain +1 to WS and BS.


You can also Ally in Black Legion with normal CSM. 4 Helldrakes??

Some cool new art to:



  1. The art piece is originally in Warzone: Pandorax which got released with the apoc collectors edition. Not technically new.


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