Thursday 18 July 2013

Rumour Watch: Lizardmen around the corner

New Lizards are coming. Supposedly. We are nearly a week out from Lizardmen being announced in White Dwarf, except, we know relatively nothing.

There was a "confirmation" a few days ago:

Via Thalamus on Warseer:
In a Forum over here in Germany, there has been recently stated, that by hearsay a retailer told:

LM are definitely coming in August.

The release contains the AB and "only" two or three new releases in total. There hasn't been any information, if "new releases" means two or three boxes and whether the boxes are only single kits or contain at least one dual kit. What we know is, that one of those boxes contain Terradons and maybe something additional. So it is still unclear, if i.e. a own magic lore can be expected and if one of the new releases means cards for the new magic lore.

Very vague but it's all we can really go by as there is literally nothing else. I don't know which German forum it came from so can't get you a direct source.

I'm sure they will go through the standard new codex publishing. Smaller magic items list, point shuffle and some new big pieces.

Will try and keep everyone updated but so far it's even quieter than the Eldar release.


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