Tuesday 30 July 2013

Future of Australian Prices

Something interesting came out in Australia today. The IT pricing inquiry has concluded and recommended to the government that they place a ban upon price hikes on goods being purchased by Aussies.

Check it out:


Not HUGELY impacting on the actual price of models in the stores but goods such as the Ibooks Codexes should become cheaper if the government accepts the inquiries recommendation.

I thought this was particularly hilarious:

"Choice found in the case of one Microsoft product, it was cheaper for someone to fly to the US, buy the software and repeat that trip than it was to buy it in Australia."
Obviously not Warhammer but still hilarious. 

All of this is nothing really new as we struggle along the path of geo-price warring between the north and south hemispheres. Hopefully the government will get a move on and start implementing the neccesary laws and regulations required to see the prices become more standard. One step further in seeing GW prices being regulated to the norm.



  1. I hope it's true and all the prices go down. That would encourage people o buy more at GW and local shops instead of China or eBay.

  2. Yeah good luck mate, this is still 18-24 months away at best.


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