Tuesday 4 June 2013

Eldar Rumours: Iyanden Supplement Preview + Rules.


WOW.............did I just see NEW RULES FOR WRAITH ARMIES.

Rules from Video:
1. Up to five Spirit Seers as a Single HQ choice.
2. New psychic power.
3. New Warlord Trait. "A Hero for Ages Past and Future:" Roll a D3; the Warlord can make this many re-rolls over the course of the game. These re-rolls can be used for To Hit rolls, To WOund rolls, Armour Penetration rolls and saving throws.
4. Ability to take Wraithlord or Wraithknight as your Warlord.

I will be very impressed if this will be allowed in regular 40k.

1-5 Spiritseers is where things get interesting.

They are the price of 2 Warlocks but they have +1 Ld, can be attached to friendly units (instead of only Guardian units), won't die the first time you peril and have the Spirit Mark rule.

For playtesting I will take three of them, attach one to each of my Fire Warrior unit's and the third to my Broadsides. Shrouding will be pretty much standard selection unless I am facing an all combat army in which case I would want as many debuffs as possible. We shall see.

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  1. Something else:

    "An Iyanden army is chosen using the army list presented in Codex Eldar. It also has a series of supplemental rules (presented below) that can be used in addition to the material found in Codex: Eldar. Note that you can only use the options FROM ONE SUPPLEMENT WHEN CHOOSING YOUR ARMY." (caps mine).

    This implies there will be more supplement Craftworld books.


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