Friday 16 August 2013

Dark Eldar: Start Up Army

Dark Eldar- Pirates, Raiders without compare.
I have been wanting to collect Dark Eldar since their relaunch, and now I am about to do so. As such I am looking for some advice on Dark Eldar. The first squads I am looking at are:

5 wyches, one with hydra gauntlets, in Venom with chain hooks(?) and grisly trophies

10 wyches, with 1 hydra gauntlet and 1 chain flails, in Raider with nightshields
Succubus, with agonisor

However, I do not have the codex yet, so don't know if this is legal, or if its any good. I beleive its around 300pts. Most models/ weapons where chosen for look rather than rules.

This force is to ally with my eldar, for the look of it, and needs a paint scheme to complement. I was thinking bright orange (to contrast with the blues of my eldar) and white (to tie the force together)

Anyway, all help is greatly apprecieted.

P.S. I have nearly a squad of guardians and will get pictures up as soon as possible.


  1. I run kabilite lists usually. I've been horrifically scarred by wyches as every time I use them.....they die pretty much straight away. The only way I can still use them is as haywire tank busters in a raider with ether sails (2d6 extra movement). Suicide units that kill their tnk and then promptly get owned.

  2. Hmm.. Thats annoying. Will think about it and try and get codex.

  3. Wyches need FNP or cover for more survivability when raiders was destroyed, you need some Haemonculus or Cronos Engine for this and for screen from overwatch.
    And Venom better with Trueborns.

  4. The picture you posted is a striking scorpion pwning Dark Eldar warrior n00bs. May that be an omen.
    Wave serpents make DE cry.
    Grab the dex, some very cool models/fluff.
    Consult CRAZY before any purchases. DE can still work quite well, but you need to consider options carefully

    1. Yeh i know it is. Just loved the image. Scorpions are my favourite aspect.

      Gonna get the dex as soon as Ive finished repainting my eldar (and wave serpent when it arrives)

      I will certainly take all advice, although some things I buy for pure looks!

  5. I think the Reavers look really sick. I use Reavers as my guardian jetbikes for Tau allies (much grungier). The Reavers themselves are not half bad! Especially since you don't have to turbo boost in a straight line. I would love to see 3 units of 9 on the table with heat lances and all the trimmings. Biker gang theme!


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