Saturday 18 May 2013

Rumour Watch: Eldar + New Forge World + Fulgrim model. **UPDATED*

Few things on Eldar:

Via Heresy Online:
Eldar will go up for pre-order next weekend.
The Eldar release will include at least one flier.
The Eldar release will include a new model that uses the oval base.
There are points reductions on allot of the units.


Also The Wraithguard are now missing from the AUSTRALIAN GW site. Whether this is just a time lag issue because the rest of the world is asleep is unknown. It may suggest the rumours of a re-box are legit but still very salty.

That is literally all we have at the moment. We should expect to see a teaser trailer released on Monday. It's a shame as by this time when Tau came out we had a number of White Dwarf leaks and other rumours streaming in.

I am still confident that Eldar are coming and it is only a few more days until we will get confirmation.

Anyway, have a few pictures here from the Horus Heresy weekend over in sunny old England. First up is Fulgrim.

Taken from 4chan:

Fulgrim looks pretty cool, much better than the Angron model in my opinion. Not sure what to make of the other models, looks like something out of Warmachine.

On another note, I have absolutely no confidence in pre-ordering from a store other than GW. I Was burned badly by the Tau pre-order which still hasn't arrived yet...............Good work GW your plan to get me to buy direct has worked! Luckily the "release day" for Eldar is on the same day that Alasdair and I have the Parramatta fantasy doubles so will grab a codex the second they open.

Till next time.


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