Sunday 26 May 2013

Eldar Codex Preview: Changes that are confirmed. **UPDATED**

Well I have the Eldar codex preview on my Ipad and unfortunately it brings both bad and good news.

Firstly, the good.

1. Vypers are base BS4 and come with a Shuriken Cannon.

2. Shuriken weapons come with the Bladestorm special rule. On a roll of a 6 to wound, the target is auto wounded at AP2.

3. Warp Spiders have dropped to 19/points each.

And the bad.

1. Shuriken Catapults are still only 12" range.

For other rumours, check out Natfka's page:


Guardians have moved up from being the worst unit in the game, to being par with cultists. If they drop to 6 points each then the 12" range of the gun is forgivable as they will solely be used as super cheap objective holders that can actually pack a punch in overwatch. The Shoot-Run mechanic makes their 12" range a little bit more flexible but not enough to be a major threat.

Vypers......well I hope we will see the return of these little guys. I'm hoping they have dropped down to 40 points each with a S-cannon as standard and have the option of upgrading the S-catapult to a cannon for 5-10 points. I think the strength of these guys will lie on their ability to bring highly mobile BS4 Str6 weaponry for cheap. Anything more than 50 points per Vyper is pushing this effectiveness severely. I would happily take three of them with double S-cannons for 135 points.

Warp Spiders are my favourite unit within 40k. I would have been happy to see them drop down in price to 20 but 19 is even better. We are yet to see what the "Monifilement" rule will do but I suspect it will be a copy of the old Night Spinner rules. Personally, I think it should have rending.

Other stuff:

The Crimson This unit is extremely impressive. It packs two Bright Lances and a Pulse Laser at presumably BS4 (possibly upgradable to 5) and is rumoured to ALSO be able to re-roll armour penetration vs other fliers? LOL! That is unbelievably good, even with a low AV it will scare pretty much every other flier off the board.

This new "quicken" psychic power sounds incredibly interesting. The problem of getting unit's into assault faster was never an issue of movement, it was the fact that we couldn't assault out of our vehicles. The mechanic of this power could work if done correctly. There are many factors that can make it terrible or brilliant such as the effects on difficult terrain or random vs flat movement. If it only adds D3" to your movement then it is Rubbish and not worth the psychic slot. However, if it were to add 6" to your movement with not difficult terrain tests then it's awesome. Eldar (with fleet) will have a reliable 21" assault range! Not bad. We will see on Saturday.


More Pyschic Powers:

If you check out the White Dwarf daily video on Eldar they preview three of the psychic power cards. Destructure/Renew (which we already know about), Embolden/Horrify and Enhance/Drain. I'll give a quick summary:

1. Embolden / Horrify.
Fearless for Psyker and his unit or target enemy unit has a leadership debuff.

2. Enhance/Drain.
+1 WS and I for Psyker and his unit or target enemy unit is -1 WS and I.

Pretty cool. Enhance is pretty much the same, I can see it being used more to drain enemy unit's as it has more flexibility.


Only six days to go! Luckily we are in Australia so get it first.

P.S. Whoever is running GW's pricing department really needs to be fired. $55 for five Dire Avengers? Really?

Until next time.




  1. Dire Avengers cost the same as Wraithguard per model - not sure what that's all about. Love cheaper warp spiders, think I'll need to get more.

  2. I think they are enhancing them too much...that shot and run rule is already brutal, and reapers slow and purposeful? Wtf!

  3. Still hunting for the pdf file to browse so thank you for the info!

    1. Same here, this ghost codex leak isn't on any of the usual channels.


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