Tuesday 16 April 2013

Welcome! or...Welcome back!

First of all, welcome to 40K War Zone, our blog about Warhammer 40K. 

This is an extension of my previous blog, as the name was quite long, and the design of this one has improved as well. This blog is also gonna be written by me (Ruben) and also Chris, and both of us will be posting our creations and battle reports. Also instead of being just focus in one or two things, we'll open topics for discussions and forums, so everyone can give their own opinion. 

Secondly, let me introduce myself. My name is Ruben, spaniard living in Sydney. I started in Warhammer a long time ago, but left it, and came back to the hobby around 4 months ago. I have 2 completely different armies: Space Marines and Chaos Daemons, both Warhammer 40K. My Space Marines army is bigger than the Daemons tho. 

Both Chris and I normally go to a GW shop to play in the city (Sydney) at Clarence Street. As I've never played before, he's kinda my teacher, although all the games we've played so far had been very even. 

At this shop there is a painting competition with an specific topic that had to be submitted every 2 months. Last month the topic was to paint a unit, no matter what army, with a special character. My entry was a unit of Hormagaunts Tyranids with a Swarmlord. This was the result. 

I was quite happy with the result as I was trying new things. I did the whole unit and character without using any washes, and I got some cork, break it into pieces and then painted like if they were rocks for the bases. Neither Chris or I won, but both of us were happy about the results (I actually thought Chris was gonna win cause his entry was really good. He'll post it soon himself).

Hope you guys liked it, and all comments are welcome!!

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