Sunday, 20 July 2014

March to War - Dark Eldar Venom

Well, it's fair to say I've been out of touch for a fair while - everyday life has been extremely busy since Christmas, and has only settled back to normality the past two weeks.

With normality comes modelling, and it's time to show off my work in progress Venom for my Kabal of the Shadowed Voi

The original vibrant red of my Kabal has been toned down too create a more sinister feel. This was achieved by working upwards from Khorne red instead of Mephiston - and using darker accent colours. All that's left now is to paint and mount the splinter cannons, and add a few more highlights. There is also the possibility of trying to add a freehand rune to the banner, to tie in the Venom with the rest of the force.

Overall I am happy with the result, and am about to test this new scheme on my Wyches. Stand by for updates!

As always, I appreciate feedback and will try my best to answer any queries.

Cyphus out


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