Tuesday 24 June 2014

The Wraithknight in 7th edition.

The big boy is back with style! (Note the INSANE paint job of the image, which can be found here). Anyway, moving on. I used Wraithknights in 6th edition as fast moving heavy hitters that could hold up enemy scoring units - leaving my own to roam free. However, now with the advent of 7th edition making everything scoring, this guy is even better! 

Okay, so he can't contest, but that isn't hugely damaging. If you play your cards right, you can hold up key enemy scoring units and wipe them out before moving onto to late game score. The choice of weapons will continue to be a personal preference in my opinion. Str10 shots are great considering enemy vehicles are now scoring. Drop pods will be a pain for most armies, especially the ones that are classified as troops. So you will likely have the big guy walking around shooting them all game (sucks, I know - but neccesary). The Suncannon is still a good choice, especially since you can pair it with a scatter laser for maximum accuracy. Wiping out enemy units will be critical. Which means that when it comes down to it, getting down and dirty with his fists will be the biggest strength. Not much can hurt T8 these days. Even mass Str7 shooting will take a while to knock down enough wounds.

More importantly, as I said before, having movement 12 will be huge for late game scoring and denial support. Oh no! you only have 1 jetbike to deny an objective being held by a group of Fire Warriors? Don't worry, smash a WK into them and then turbo boost onto the objective. No way will the Fire warriors have a chance at beating the WK, and worst situation they run and are snap shooting.Of course it's not fool proof, but it is definitely something to keep up your sleeve.

I'll be testing it out imminently!

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  1. Target priority is a huge deal with this guy. In 7th, his targets are most likely going to be enemy troop choices (as you mentioned), as if you fail to take them out, they can snag an objective right from under his feet.

    One thing you have to watch for, is being tarpitted by a fearless objective secured unit. They could lock a wraithlord right on top of an objective, hold it down, and yet they can still score.


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