Sunday 10 November 2013

Think Tank: Dark Eldar Musings.

Hmm, been thinking about how the Eldar transition would transfer over to Dark Eldar. Let me show you what I mean:

Warp Spiders:
Old: Had to purchase Hit and Run - New: Comes as standard.

Striking Scorpions:
Old: Had to purchase Infiltrate and MTC - New: Comes as standard.

Shining Spears:
Old: Had to purchase Skilled Rider - New: Comes as standard.

Swooping Hawks:
Old: Had to purchase Skyleap - New: Comes as standard.

War Walkers gain 5+ Invul.


I think you can see what I am getting at.

So how does that transfer over to DE?

Well for one, Incubi could possibly gain Onslaught as standard? Judging by the general points drop that happened across the Eldar codex, it is entirely plausible to see them drop to 19 points each and gain Onslaught as standard. 

Not to mention what their equivalent of Battle Focus might be!

Talking of which, I wonder what DE would get? I think the Power from Pain mechanic may change. It's a vital part of how DE play, so I can't see GW leaving it the way it is. Maybe coven units will all gain FNP as standard USR but get it increased to 4+ with a pain token? More than likely, going off the fact that GW LOVES random elements, is that we will see a D6 table on which to roll on everytime a unit kills something. Or is that too much?

One of the units that has to most potential to become awesome is the Court of the Archon. They are pretty rubbish right now. Sslyth should see a points drop. Right now, they have a decent profile, but a ridiculous price. Lhamaeans should become HQ choices like Techpriests are in Imperial Guard. Don't take up a slot but upgrade the unit they are deployed with. Obviously 2+ poison would be way to OP for almost any unit, but an upgrade to the units splinter weapons to poison 3+ isn't too OP.....compared to lets say....a Grav Cannon.............

Maybe I'm getting too far off track here.

Let's end it with that.

I'm curious to know what people think about possible updates to DE. They prob won't get updated until 2015, but who knows. GW might drop a bombshell on us.

- Out.


  1. I dunno why, but my gut says they will be the last release of 2014.

    I like your thinking on power from pain. I always thought it needed a boost from the day I read the codex.

  2. It would be awesome to have 4+ FNP Grotesques. They are my bodyguard of choice for my Archon. Also, I reckon Rage will become one of the combat drug options. Furious Charge, 4+ FNP and Rage Grots...........yes............please.

  3. DE and necrons should get a quick update together couple of units each and a dex just to bring them in-line with 6th and 2+ poison weapons is a must with no psychic powers

    1. 2+ Poison as standard seems a little too much but then again Guardians have bladestorm which is ridiculous as feth.

  4. I just hope they do something nifty with night shields to make the vehicles a little harder to drop.


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