Tuesday 1 October 2013

Lol, The Dark Elf Strength 2 fetish.

If you haven't seen the pics yet then head on over to:


Firstly, thank the Emperor, Sigmar, Khaine and all the Phoenix Kings of old......the Pendent is out!

Damned thing.

Anyway, I just read over the new magic/items for Dark Elves and I find that the author really has had an attraction to low strength spells. S1 lore attribute? Lol? Doombolt is pretty bad-ass, plus, the ability to choose Black Horror with the Tomb is especially hilarious. So is Word of Pain. I can just see it now. Siceralc will be running his Lord Sorc with Shadow magic and his hero sorc with Word of Pain (Tombed).......Surprise everyone, you are now T1, WS1, BS1, S1 and I1.......did someone say Pit of Shades?

I'm not too sure if Dark Magic will be better then Shadow but maybe the ability to increase Str and gain power dice will be worthwhile. At first glance it doesn't seem too powerful but I can see it being more of a force multiplier than a magic missle spamming lore......although. Warlocks with Doom Bolt is pretty funny.

Who wants to comment on the magic items?


  1. The items weren't too big of a deal, but i'm terrified of their magic lore.

  2. Only three there I'm ok with, most of them are just rubbish.

    The new conundrum will be to take the Warlocks with their potential 5+ to casting bonus and doombolt and soulblight, or to take a supreme sorc with life or shadow. the points aren't necessarily an issue, but in games where you're only getting 2d6 power dice in the magic phase... bringing warlocks, a lvl4 and a lvl 2 is just a waste of points best spent elsewhere.

    What's looking good from a magic perspective is a lvl4 with life or shadow and a lvl2 with darkness OR warlocks and a lvl2 with darkness.


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