Monday 16 September 2013

Rules Abuse: Why you aren't playing the Relic to full advantage.

TommyH, Optimus-Prime-Time and I have an un-written binding amongst us that if we get a rule wrong in a debate, we have to write it up as part of our shame. I got served up on a platter tonight by my misunderstanding of the Relic rules.

Basically, I have always been under the impression that you can only move with the Relic 6" per turn....WRONG. It's per PHASE. However, with limitations. You can't run with it so for 90% of units the following paragraph won't even apply.

So what if you are a Jetbike.....or Jet Pack?

Well, you can't run as stated by the rulebook, but there is nothing stopping you moving an additional 6" in the assault phase using the bonus 2D6" thrust.

That is pretty hilarious. Especially in the proceeding turns. If your opponent hasn't wisened up to the move then they can say bye bye to getting it back easily. Being able to move 12" with the Relic is pretty huge in my books. For me, the ideal unit to do this is Jetbikes. Especially in turn 2-3 while my WK's are bashing up my opponents battle line.

What would everyone else consider using? Farsight Crisis is a given I suppose.



  1. Farsight crisis maybe...
    But think of attached drones on firewarriors teams: take the relic in the movement, drones in front, then move back behind the firewarriors in the assault phase... Mobile meat shield, possibility to jump out of LOS, ...
    Relic is the reason I field at least one gun/shield/marker drone in a firewarrior team.

    1. Nice one, grab it and pull it 6" backwards. I guess even if they kill that squad it is still another 6" further away from your opponent.

  2. lol, usually the Relic turns into a game of: anything that gets within 6" of that thing dies!!!

    1. How very true...
      I learned that the hard way.

    2. lol, so true. I got 20 Bloodletters of Khorne wiped out in a turn once when I was trying to get the relic.


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