Thursday 22 August 2013

Rumour Watch: More Space Marine Rules!!

More coming in about the upcoming Codex. Again, can't wait to see them be released. It's going to be sweet!

Also, just a quick piece on reliability. "The book I have looks like the final. If this is a fake then a ton of effort has gone into this." Take it as you will, if it's all fake then more fool us. 

This is very much more of an FAQ than a complete rules dump. However, there is some new stuff in here:

Via 40k Radio:


1. What is the cost of five men scout squad with vet sergeant?
1) 65 points
2. Any changes on Kantor's rules?

2)Basically the same
3. Do bikes and centurions get combat squads rule?

3)Bikes yes. Centurions no.
4. there is any vehicle able to get grav weapons?

4) No
5.- Are neophytes of crusade squad an independent squad that can join the main unit as it was rumoured, or crusade squads are a full unit option?

5)Nope like last BT dex
6.- Is there option for crusade squads of getting two special weapons?

7.- Have black templars access to biker scouts?

7) Yes. they have access to everything except Librarians.

 9.-How many points cost a grav rifle as special weapon on a tac squad?
 9) 15pts.

(Upgrades for Centurion weapons)Lascannon is 20pts. Missile is 10pts.


Relic blade is 10 points.


1. Can Tactical Marines take a Special Weapon at 5 models?
1) A Squad of 5 can have a special weapon or heavy weapon.
2. Can Calgar still take up to 3 units of Honor Guard? 

2) Yes
3. Additionally, does his still have the rule that lets him choose to pass or fail morale checks at will?

3) Yes (More detail on the Show)
4. Are Black Templar Characters required and/or accept challenges?

4) Not required but they will be sick in challenges.
5. Bikes squads that can be made troops, a minimum of 5 models or 5 models max? there is some conflicting sounding information so people just want to confirm.

5) At least five(Max 9 with Attack Bike) and if your Captain or Chapter Master you may take them as troops. 


Bikes have access to Grav weapons.


1. Does Shrike have any other rules? 
2. Do Chapter Tactics cost anything?

3. The Stalker, does it have 4 shots total that it can split fire with or does each gun fire 4 shots each?

3) Each get 4 shots.
4. Do any of the SC's have Stubborn or Fearless?

5. Does the Emperor's Champion take up an HQ slot?

6. Does Sicarius still re-roll his Sieze Initiative attempts?

7. Does the Ultramarines Tactical Chapter Tactic affect Sternguard special ammo?

7)I would believe so.


1. Have Razorback weapon upgrades gotten cheaper, more expensive or stayed the same?
1)Some went down
2. How much do Relic Blades cost for Honor Guard?

2)10 pts.
3. You mentioned that the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics have a caveat. Do all the Chapter Tactics have special caveats in how they can be used?

3)No, there are other rules for RG we haven't listed.
4. Do these caveats require certain minumum requirements of units or wargear?

5. Are the Drop Pods priced like the DA ones (to include upgrades)?

6. When making an army, are you required to take a chapter trait?


1. Did the points cost change for Power Weapons?

1)Generally the same, per units choices.

2. Did the points cost change for Power Fists?
2) Same.

3. How much do Crusader Squads pay for Power Weapons?

4. Can the Initiate in a Crusader Squad take a Power Fist?
4) Yes at 25 points.
5. How does the limit for the extra power weapon in the Crusader squad work. Is it just 1 Initiate or is it 1 per X number of models in the squad?
5)1 Initiate and then upgrade one to Sword Brother and you can get another.

6. Does the extra Power weapon in the Crusader squad replace anything?
6)See above^^^


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  1. So Calgar is seemingly the only way to retain the old-school combat tactics? He sounds like he will be an absolute support MACHINE. 3 warlord traits, ultramarine chapter tactics (tactical, devastator etc) and still retains the old school combat tactics... That's crazy. Shame he's nearly 300pts...


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