Sunday 9 June 2013

Epic Random Battles: Riptide vs WraithKnight

I think this is a good way to discuss our favorite units, creating random made up fights between units. What we want to know is:
- which one do you think is better? Why?
- how would you use it in your army?
- kick ass model? Would you get one?

Our first fight is:

Riptide vs Wraith Knight




  1. In my opinion, the Riptide is better all around. It's cheaper, has a 2+ save, comes standard with an Invul that can be overcharged and It's weapons are devastating with Markerlight support. Don't get me the wrong, the Wraithknight is a beast but for my army, the Riptide is better.

    If I was to use the Wraithknight, I would use it as it comes. Two Wraithcannon's are decent Anti-Tank. The best place for the WK is prob in combat. Just don't let it go anywhere near force weapons or Thunder Hammers.

  2. In my humble opinion, I think both of them has their pros and cons:

    Riptide Pros:
    - 2+ armor save and 5+ invulnerable save, becoming a 3+ if you overcharge.
    - He can get 2 shield drones that are also T6 and have 4+ invulnerable save.
    - Really good quality/price
    Riptide Cons:
    - Hopeless in close combat...seriously, like hitting with a wet noodle...
    - Lower Ballistic Skill (can be easy avoided with markerlights, but we are dependent of them...)
    - Nova reactor can hurt yourself with no saves of any kind

    WraithKnight Pros:
    - T8 and w6 makes him really hard to kill
    - He can defend himself pretty well from an assault.
    - SunCannons, like, seriously, Assault3 S6 AP2 Blast!
    - Ballistic Skill 4 mixed with Scatter Lassers can be devastating...

    WraithKnight Cons:
    - Armor save 3+ and Invulnerable save of 5+
    - With such a huge model, it's hard to get any good cover save...
    - Quite expensive, like 300 points to be a kick ass
    - As heavy support choice, he has a lot of competition in the Eldar army

    Once said that, I think in a 1vs1 the WratihKnight would beat the Riptide, because without any support, the Riptide would struggle more to hit and wound the WraithKinigh with such a huge T and so many W. The WK equipped with 2 heavy wraithcannons and 1 starcannon would really hurt the Riptide as both are AP2. If the Riptide wants to survive, he would have to over charge every turn rolling 3+ to get his 3+ inv save and his weapons wouldn't hurt the WK so easy because of his high T.

    In my opinion, 1 vs 1 the WraithKnight would be the winner.

    1. Also, you can take a Feel No Pain save against the Nova-Charge fail. 5+ isn't much but it's better than nothing.

    2. Don't know why people think the Riptide is so bad in combat, 3 S6 AP2 attacks usually hitting on a 4+ isn't bad by any standards.

    3. I think he is WS 2 and he has low initiative. Does he have AP2 attacks in close combat?

    4. Yeah, Mounstrous Creature.

  3. Well Ruben, there's only one way to settle this... I have my Wraith Knight, you just need your Rip Tide and then we will see.

    1. That sounds even better lol. I'm starting my main Tau army in baby steps, but I want to have them all painted like Chris, that's why I'm not rushing just buying all. That, and because I'm broke lol

  4. I love the model and the fluff of the Wraithknight, but his stats, rules and point costs make him pretty much useless on the gaming table. Rule-wise he is a chimera that sits between two chairs. His status as a Jump MC, the big sword and the standard weapons make it clear that he is supposed to get up close to the enemy and fight at short range. Problem is that he in no way has the durability or the close combat capabilities to do that.
    The thing is as useful as a screwdriver made of glass.

    And even the Suncannon doesn't give it enough fire power to justify having him stand in your deployment zone and just shoot stuff, like a Titan, especially since his already ridiculously bad 5++ save is further handicapped by blinding friendly units around him every time he passes it.

    This is so retarded. As if a normal 5++ save would have been too powerful on a almost 300 point model. But of course, Eldar are so shitty at using energy shield technology that a save every Terminator gets would have been unjustifiable.

    And what does make him so hard to kill, as everybody says? He's just 2 Wraithlords duct taped together and harder to get a cover save for. Since when are 2 Wraithlords hard to kill?
    One Wraithknight would actually be easier to kill than 2 Wraithlords, because it is easier to concentrate fire on it.

    Even if the Wraithknight might be able to kill a Riptide in a pure 1 on 1 fight (which I doubt), the Riptide would still be the better unit, if only for the fact that it isn't a personified contradiction and knows what it is supposed to do and is well equipped to do it.

    Also, in general I'd take T6, 5 Wounds and decent saves over T8, 6 Wounds and shitty saves any time.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Kelley didn't repeat the mistake he made with the CSM Codex, making the codex dull and weak and compensating it by putting one overpowered super unit into it, but the fact that the rest of the Eldar Codex is pretty decent and that there are several good choices and builds in it, only makes the Wraithknight even more of a dud.

  5. It's true that the Riptide has better saves, but its also risky because if you overcharge him to get that 3++ inv save and fail, you don't just fail to have the decent save but also loose 1 wound.

    In an army? I rather Riptide. In a 1 vs 1? I reckon WraithKnit would do better.

    1. With drones you get a 4++ save, don't you? Even that is way better in combination with the 2+ armor save and you don't even have to overcharge.

    2. Yeah, I agree. With drones the scales goes to the riptide's side for sure.

    3. You have to be careful with Drones...

      The riptide is not fearless, one drone gets shot down and you are making leadership tests to avoid falling back.

  6. I'm a Guard player and I have to say that a WK is very anti gun line. Sure it takes a while to get to me (2 turns approx.) but when it does I just can't kill it. Shooting at it is completely pointless unless I'm actually going to kill it but to kill it always takes way more points than the WK is worth.

    The worst thing is Blind... vehicles automatically fail initiative tests so if it just goes up close to my tanks then they can't do squat. But then it will kill my tanks in its next turn anyway because of the Hammer of Wrath.

    The only tactic I can think of is to literally just avoid it. For this I just use Vendettas (each with three twin-linked) and so they average taking off 3 wounds a turn. But they cost 390 points together and its pretty difficult to get two turns of shooting at it while in zoom mode.

    That being said however, Eldar SUCK at taking out flyers. They are a massive advantage, the only thing they have to take them out is warp spiders. But flyers are pretty hard to get close to

  7. Well, someone actually did find out who would win.


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